Now to spend the next ten minutes trying to open this. #ramune #ラムネ

If I ever say anything that makes you feel bad or that you find problematic, irl or online, or if I’m just using a tone of voice that makes you think I mean something other than what I’m saying, then teeeelll meeee don’t just resent me or be mean back because often I don’t pick up on how people interpret what I’ve said and I’m newly learning that people sometimes have a hard time knowing if I’m being mean/antisocial/unfriendly or whatever. I wish people would just ASK rather than skirting around me or hating me forever. :(

The landlord is increasing our rent extortionately in September which means we’ve been priced out of our lovely sea view flat in the building with the perfect lift and it is too stressful to move every year. I’ve lived in three different flats in the past two years and uuuuugh.

At least this time it’s just me and myself so I can find one room in a shared house/a bedsit that I can afford comfortably and hopefully stay there for as long as I can.


recovery is hard

don’t let anybody invalidate your struggles and say you just need to eat because it’s not about that 

recovery is changing the entire way your mind works and how you perceive the world 

it’s like standing in front of a red wall and saying “this wall is yellow” and then trying to believe it

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Just noticed the bag my edibles from #HyperJapan came in •ᴥ•


Perfect, perfect lines. 


Pablo Picasso, Nude, 1931

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I’ve been watching Elleanor’s (elleanor1222) videos on Tokyo Fashion aaaaaall night. She’s lovely. All her videos make me happy.


I love Elleanor’s fashions.  She’s totally become one of my favourite clothes-wearers.

Learning self respect


I’m twenty years old and I can’t help but think that everyone thinks I’m stupid. I stutter, I feel slow, I say dumb things, and I sometimes catch people giving me judging looks. No one’s ever said that to me except maybe once or twice when I was much younger, but I can’t help be bothered by it. I feel like there’s something wrong with me mentally, but people don’t want to address it. I hate it. I’d rather be messed up and not aware of it than this. How do I learn to love and be okay with myself?
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The most helpful thing I know about this, I learned from Dave Hingsburger’s book _The Are Word_. And, in the simplest form, it’s this:
You’re ok. They’re mean.

If you stutter and think slowly and have cognitive problems and have trouble communicating, there probably are a lot of people in your life who think you are stupid.
They may think that, but it isn’t true.

You’re ok. They’re mean.
People who think that you are stupid are being mean. People who give you judging looks are being really mean.

You’re ok. They’re mean. 
The way you talk doesn’t make them look down on you. The way you think doesn’t make them look down on you. Your voice is not the problem. Your brain is not the problem. They’re mean because they’re bigoted and mean.

You’re ok. They’re mean.
And, in the words of Laura Hershey: you get proud by practicing

I know it hurts. It hurts terribly. It’s not your fault, and you won’t always feel this awful. It takes time. It takes practice. It’s slow, and incremental. Try not to be hard on yourself for struggling with this. We all do. It’s hard. That’s not your fault, either.
You’re ok. They’re mean. And as you practice understanding this, and as you practice getting proud, it will be easier to feel ok and harder for them to hurt you.